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Dear Friends,

On every trip into the remote communities in which we work, I am reminded of the fortitude and tenacity of parents and children alike; survival requires it and it’s apparent everywhere I look.  

I see high school children starting their journey to school in the wee hours before dawn, often wading through rivers and walking miles to get the education that will give them a chance at a life beyond subsistence farming; children like Jasmina whom you’ll meet in the article below.  

These children inspire our work and keep us focused on doing all we can to give them just a little support and a lot of love and encouragement.

We’ve had the immense privilege of hosting Joseph Kilgallen in-country, on the ground, for the past few months, capturing data to help us best focus for impact.  While surveying village teachers, he heard two tips on how to increase attendance – pencils and paper so children without aren’t turned away, and baseball equipment, just for fun.  We can help with that; are you with us? Donate to our School Supply and Baseball Fund!  

Thank you, Joseph, for investing time on this work. We know it’s not been easy and we are so very grateful.  Read more about Joseph’s experience below.

None of our work would be possible without the support you, our friends and donors, provide and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

With gratitude,

Selina Serna
Executive Director
Project Schoolhouse

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