Generous support from individuals, companies, organizations, and governments makes our work possible. Thank you for supporting our life transforming mission in Nicaragua.

Cien Amigos Society

Started in 2016, The Cien Amigos Society invests in long-term giving and “friendraising” for our projects in Nicaragua. Each member has pledged an annual gift of at least $1000 for 5 years. Long-term, sustainable investment means that Project Schoolhouse can plan and execute vital water systems and school-building projects across multiple years. Our organization is growing in exciting ways as a result of these generous and committed donors. Join the Cien Amigos Society by making a recurring gift to Project Schoolhouse.

  • Cheryl Barker
  • Gary & Michelle Barker
  • Thomas & Felicia Kirven
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Emily Little
  • Walter & Carolyn Moreau
  • Evan Morgan
  • David Quin
  • Lorissa Robinson
  • Selina Serna
  • Annalisa & Anish Shah
  • Jill & Stephen Wilkinson

Futuro Foundation

This special group of donors has pledged at least $1000 for five years. Without their ongoing and sustained support, Project Schoolhouse could not commit to the continuous level of work that we do.

  • Selina Serna

Futuro Fund

The Futuro Fund fuels Project Schoolhouse’s life-altering work in rural Nicaragua where infrastructure and support is minimal and citizens are all-but-forgotten. Recurring donations are the lifeblood of an organization. These essential donors support on a recurring basis and we are enormously thankful. Add your name to the list of Futuro Fund supporters by making a recurring credit card gift to Project Schoolhouse.

  • Sunni Brown
  • Laura Buehler
  • Pamela Burton
  • Jefferson Cloward
  • Chris Whit Ewan
  • Gail Findlay
  • Giberson Family
  • Sarita Geisel
  • Jeanette Hamblin
  • Ellie & Kai Hornung
  • Jack Ikard
  • TiWanna Kenney
  • Keri Kinsey
  • Milton Lopez
  • Jon Michelson
  • Anonymous
  • Leah Nelson
  • Anup Pandey
  • Isaac Peña
  • Lyn Ellisor Roberts, Lindley & Kristen Ellisor
  • Anonymous
  • Tanya Tudor
  • Annie Wilkins
  • Lisa Wood

In-Kind Donors

It’s not just about giving money. Many individuals and organizations donate their their time or material goods to Project Schoolhouse, for whom we are truly thankful. Let us know what product or service you are able to contribute.

Alicia Smith

Alicia has been an inspirational presence for Project Schoolhouse. her ideas, support, and energy have transformed us. Thank you!

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Jorge Sanhueza-Lyon

Jorge paid for his own trip to Nicaragua and donated his time to shoot a promo video for us in 2009. Thank you Jorge.

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Holcomb Charles CPA

Professional Accountants

Charles & BJ Holcomb and Brian Beaman donate the Project Schoolhouse tax return each year, which is HUGE. Thank you all!

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Sarita Geisel

Sarita has donated untold hours of design time to Project Schoolhouse to make things look pretty when we cannot. Thank you Sarita!

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Itze Pavón

Graphic Design

Itze designed the Project Schoolhouse logo and donates priceless graphic design. Thank you!

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ACR Engineering generously donated an office space to Project Schoolhouse for four years. Thank you!

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Technology Partners

Technology is imperative to the work Project Schoolhouse wants to accomplish without the support of these organizations we would not able to do all of the great work we do in Nicaragua. Let us know what product or service you are able to contribute.