Project Schoolhouse Inaugurates New Water System

In April 2015, Project Schoolhouse, the community of Rio Lindo, and several members of the local government and the press were present at the inauguration of the new community water system in Rio Lindo, Nicaragua. Tab Barker, our executive director, ended up on the evening news in Rio Blanco, Nicaragua.

Water System Construction in Nicaragua

In 2014, Project Schoolhouse and the community of Sector Zamora, Nicaragua were finishing up a community water system for 23 families and their new elementary school.

Project Schoolhouse in Nicaragua

Since 2005, Project Schoolhouse has been working in Nicaragua to build schools and water systems in rural communities. Filmed by Jorge Sanhueza. Edited by Ranjana Thomas and Thomas Barker.

Running water for the first time

Clean running water is an essential element for life. It can also be a luxurious component to homes that previously were forced to haul contaminated water by hand from far away. This little girl is turning on running water for the first time in her life.

St Andrews Travels to Nicaragua

In June, 2012, St Andrews Episcopal School from Austin Texas traveled to Nicaragua to spend a week working on school and water projects in rural communities.