Joseph traveling horseback through Nicaraguan communities in 2019

Update From our Intern Joseph

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As a field intern for Project Schoolhouse, Joseph Kilgallen has gathered many stories from people living in rural Nicaragua. The stories may vary, but one point remains the same. “You introduce [clean] water into somebody’s life out there, and the impact is far beyond just their health and basic convenience,” Kilgallen said.

Good Food, Positive Change, Long Friendships: The Buenos Aires Cafe and Paola Smith

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From hosting events, to fundraising, to donating time and resources, Paola Guerrero Smith, long-time friend of PSH director Tab Barker and owner of Buenos Aires Café, has continuously and generously supported Project Schoolhouse for more than a decade. It is because of extraordinary people like her that Project School House has been able to achieve extraordinary results. This is the …

Kiwaska 2007-2017: Looking Back with Wayward Films Producer Leon Schatz

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This year Project Schoolhouse celebrates the 10th anniversary of its first school in Nicaragua: Kiwaska, a rural community of 30 families in the Matagalpa region. Nine schools, six water systems, hundreds of latrines, a pedestrian bridge, and dozens of life lessons later, we decided to revisit that first project. We spoke with Leon Schatz, the creator of Wayward Films. Schatz …

Be the Change: Building Relationships & Changing Lives

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“I came back better and with a full heart,” volunteer Itze Pavón explained. After years of volunteering her talents as a graphic designer, she was invited to travel to Nicaragua to see firsthand the impact that Project Schoolhouse is making in rural communities. “It just made sense to go,” she stated. Being an international volunteer is more about what you …

The Tawa Inauguration

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I recently traveled to Nicaragua with Project Schoolhouse (PSH) for the very first time, spending several days of hiking through the lush Nicaraguan jungle and bonding with the warm people who call this place home. The inauguration of our most recent school, Tawa, was a celebration like no other. Arriving in the back of a pickup truck, our guests of …

CoLibrì Cares: Partnership with Project Schoolhouse

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What better charter sponsor for Project Schoolhouse than a company committed to extending the life of books – one of our most precious commodities in our quest to improve learning and literacy in the communities we work in. “Our schools are in remote villages with minimal government support. Even a small library is a luxury. Having CoLibrì there to cover …