A Long Walk

Hill Country Film Festival 2020 Official Selection
Sheridan Film Festival 2019 Selection

In the rural areas where Project Schoolhouse works, only 30% of the families have access to safe drinking water; that translates to 1.8 million men, women and children without safe water.

More than one half of primary schools in developing countries lack access to clean water, and every minute, a child dies from a water-related illness.

Providing clean water to impoverished communities prevents these tragedies, and frees children from the crippling burden of carrying water. It is is the first step to making their dreams come true, which is no small thing.

It costs $200 per person to provide water for life, directly to a child’s home, so they never have to walk for water again.

If everyone on this event today gave $200, we could supply water to an entire schoolroom of children.

Now more than ever, access to clean water is life-saving.

Dreams are important; dreams are what change things. You can make a dream come true by donating today.