Impact Report: Doubling our reach in 2018

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December 27, 2018

We are excited to share news of our 2018 impact with you!   For the first time, we expanded our programs to working in  two communities simultaneously.   This is a huge milestone for Project Schoolhouse which we could not have done without the support of our generous donors and partner foundations.  In partnership with the City of Rio Blanco, Nicaragua, we built a school, a new water system, and new latrines in the community of San Jose la Guitarria.  In january we broke ground on the water system.  This provided spring water directly to the homes of 30 families plus the new elementary school.   In March, work began on the new school, which was completed in the fall of 2018.  We also helped 30 families build latrines at their homes.

Also this year, we partnered with the American Nicaraguan Foundation and the City of Rio Blanco, Nicaragua to build an elementary school and a water system in the community of Rosario, Nicaragua.   Located in the furthest corner of the Rio Blanco municipality, this project required considerable collaboration to bring to fruition.   The City of Rio Blanco donated two miles of road building to link the school construction site to an existing road, in order to move materials into the community.   The American Nicaraguan Foundation provided a significant portion of the funding for the project and Project Schoolhouse managed all construction, logistics, and community participation.  All told, with the help of our network of donors, partners, and recipient communities, we got schools built to serve 65 families, water installed in the homes of 36 families, and latrines built for 36 families.   Clean water running to your home is transformative both for the families that receive it and for the overall communities as well.   Crucial infrastructure projects like these set communities on the path towards economic prosperity, social and political participation, and improved opportunities for education and health.   Thank you for everyone who supported and collaborated with us this year!

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