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Impact Report: Our Fastest School Yet

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Project Schoolhouse in on track to finish our fastest school ever next month thanks to incredible community participation of Manceras Central.   The new two-room school started construction on February 12 and is slated to be completed by the end of May.   Three and a half months is a record breaking pace for us and this kind of volunteer participation is inspiring and heartwarming.   

Typically, in a community of 30 families or so, we will split the community into three groups and each group works two days a week.  In the case of Manceras Central, 10 workers are slated to arrive Monday through Saturday.   However, in this case there have been 12 to 15 every day which propels the construction in exciting ways.   

We just visited the Manceras Central yesterday and the excitement was intense.  They are ready to start using this new school and I love being a part of work that engenders this kind of energy.

This past week is also record breaking because we inaugurated two completed schools from last year, which we’ve never done before.   In la Guitarrilla, we built the new school, a water system that deliver spring water to 30 families, and 30 latrines. In Rosario, we completed a new elementary school that hosts nearly 60 students.  This project was exceedingly difficult because over half the materials had to be hauled three kilometers uphill by horses, putting a huge strain on the community.  They made it, but that school took nearly 8 months to build.   

In the last 15 years of doing this work in Nicaragua we have become skilled at persevering through intense logistical challenges, exemplifying the incredible stick-to-it-ness of these communities to just keep going in the face of unending rain, knee-deep mud, schlepping materials miles by horse, and overall just back-breaking work.   When these communities buy in like this, it makes it so easy to keep things going on our end and we are grateful for the inspiration.

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