Tacos and the Secret Sauce of Collaboration, Mando Rayo

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Mando Rayo is a self-described grassroots cocinero, Taco Journalist, and author of Tacos of Texas. He’s been helping Project Schoolhouse for several years, cooking up delicious tacos for some of our most treasured supporters (those who give time, talent, and treasure). 

We treasure his support and are in awe of his dedication to his craft and willingness to chart a unique path. We had the chance to catch up with him recently, in advance of our Cien Amigos Breaking Ground Celebration (April 5), where we gather a small group of Project Schoolhouse donors for an intimate look at our work. 

Mando’s last name means “lightning bolt” in Spanish. Appropriate, because the guy is totally electric, especially when talking about tacos and food. Why? Because he believes passionately in the power of food to bring people together and as what he calls “the great equalizer.” And speaking of equality and equal access, he’s currently working on taking Tacos of Texas to the people, along with co-author Jarod Neece, via a new digital series that will run on the YouTube channel Indie Lens Storycast, exploring taco diversity across Texas.

And what better way to treat people to something wonderful and bring together community than through delicious food and a guy who lives and breathes tacos? Like the tazos (cauldrons) he uses to cook up carnitas with tropically infused flavors, we’re delighted to have such a stew and melting pot of supporters who believe in our mission and bottom-up approach to truly grassroots (and grass fed?) development.  



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