Greetings from our Executive Director – 2020 Year in Review

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Dear Friends,

This has been a year of such challenge, but also a year of pride and gratitude. 
I am proud of our US team who worked so hard and so successfully to transition all of our stewardship and events to be virtual.  We’ve heard such great feedback on the virtual Cien Amigos fundraiser, a huge effort for our little three-person team. Renata made all of the virtual events all year come together so seamlessly.  Tab worked tirelessly on ever-evolving Covid protocols to keep projects moving while keeping our Nicaragua team safe, and set up our scholarship students to study remotely.  We’re proud to have completed all of our 2020 projects on time and under budget, despite all of these challenges, bringing life-saving water to the homes of almost 1000 people.
I am grateful for the supporters, YOU(!), who so generously continue to support the communities with whom we work.  In these trying and uncertain times, when the need in the US is unprecedented and funding requests are coming from all sides, your trust and investment in the work of Project Schoolhouse and our neighbors to the south means the world to them.   
For those who would like to hear more about our 2020 work and our plans for the future, here is an excerpt from our virtual Cien Amigos.  And if you’d like, you can watch the full event, including two new, beautiful short-films where you can meet just a few of the men, women, and children who now have water in their homes.  One woman, Victorina, speaks of having carried water for most of her 74 years.  You can’t help but smile (and, for me, get a little weepy) seeing the joy in her face as she talks about how much safe water and education mean to her family. 
We wish you all health and happiness in the new year!

Selina Serna
Executive Director

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