Project Schoolhouse: Building Bridges

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For the past decade, Project Schoolhouse has worked building schools and water systems in rural Nicaragua, but when a unique obstacle presents itself, PSH is there to provide support. Children in the community of San Antonio, Nicaragua can see the school from across the Ubu River, but it rises too high for them to cross. As a result of this, students take an alternate route around the river that adds an extra hour to their otherwise simple trek to school.

These photos show the beginning stages of construction of a bridge that will be 76 meters long and stretch across the entire river, providing a much more accessible, quicker, and safer route to school for the children in the community.

Hardworking folks in the pictures above are the reason why such hard work and dedication results in successful and innovative infrastructure in their community. Daralin, his wife, and all the other volunteers of the San Antonio community work tirelessly to make a better life for their children. Our philosophy at Project Schoolhouse is that communities know what they need most, and we’re building a bridge because that’s what the people of San Antonio knew they needed.

These projects are funded through generous donations from people who want to change lives, people like you!

To find out more on how you can help communities in Nicaragua, visit our donate page!

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