We help students that graduate from our schools continue their education

  • How Much do they Cost?

    It costs $600 per year to fund a scholarship. This can also break down to $50/month and we can accept monthly payments.

  • When is the Nicaraguan schoolyear?

    The school year begins in February and ends in December. Donors to scholarships will receive updates from their students at both of those times.

  • How can you help?

    You can make a donation to support our next project HERE.

The Scholars Program at Project Schoolhouse is comprised of promising students from the schools that we build. Every time we build a school we award a scholarship to the “best kid” that graduates from the first class in the new school.

Each Project Schoolhouse student receives a scholarship for five years to attend high school. Rural students in Nicaragua are part of a specialized program where they are able to attend school on days they do not work. These students go to high school on Saturdays and then have five days of homework. While school itself is free, the travel to and forth, as well as books and incidentals are not. The scholarships that we provide pay for all of these things.

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