Impact Report: Record Breaking Year!

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Project Schoolhouse is on the verge of a record breaking year in terms of projects completed and lives impacted. In June we received the news that the West Austin Rotary Club received a Global Grant for $89,150 that will go towards water projects that will be implemented by Project Schoolhouse in two communities. This grant has been many years in the making and it’s fantastic news.   

The entire cost of those two projects is $130,000 with the remainder of the funds provided by the Burdine Johnson Foundation of Buda, TX.  These projects together will provide clean water delivered to 78 families in the communities of El Aulo and Nueva Jerusalem. Also part of these projects will be the construction of new pit latrines for every home in these communities. Work has already begun on these projects and we hope to be finished by the end of the year.

So far this year we have completed a new secondary school (high school) in the community of Manceras Central and a complete renovation of an elementary school completed in 2009. The new school in Manceras Central boasts two classrooms, a cafeteria, and a stand-alone kitchen. The classrooms are a new addition to several existing classrooms onsite and will serve both primary and secondary students at the location. Overall, over 150 students take classes at the school. We hope to complete a community water system in this community in 2020 to deliver water to the 48 families living there.

In June we completed the aforementioned renovation of an elementary school we built in 2009 that involved repainting, fence repair, structural repairs, and general restoration of the school back into a new state of being. Project Schoolhouse stays in touch with all of its past projects and is periodically doing maintenance in collaboration with those communities. This is the first time we’ve done a large scale renovation of a school, however at the heart of our success in Nicaragua is the hard working and skilled team on the ground. In place with Project Schoolhouse since 2007, this team has decades of experience implementing water and school projects in the region. 

Thank you to everyone who supported and collaborated with us this year!

Tab Barker 
Director of Operations 

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