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Since 2015, Fatima has been attending high school on a scholarship from Project Schoolhouse.  She is about to enter her 4th year of high school (out of 5).   Her grades are incredible and she continues to excel academically.In September, she sent a charming letter that we’d like to share with you:— Original Letter ––Dirigiéndome a ustedes project schoolhouse con respeto y admiración como organización para expresarles mi mas profundo agradecimiento por su apoyo y su incuestionable generosidad, principalmente a usted señor Thomas Barker.
Gracias por la confianza que día a día les brindan a jóvenes como yo, esperando lograr mis objetivos, metas y sueños.
Si algo aprendemos con el tiempo es que solo con constancia y esfuerzo se logran las grandes hazañas y los buenos resultados.
“Confío en Dios. Las buenas cosas vienen para aquéllos que creen, las cosas mejores vienen para aquellos que son pacientes, pero las mejores cosas vienen para aquellos que no se rinden.”
Gracias project schoolhouse, gracias!… Por todo el apoyo gracias, muchas gracias son excelentes.


— Translation —

Just wanting to say to Project Schoolhouse, with respect and admiration for the organization, that I’m profoundly grateful for your support and generosity.Thank you for the confidence that day after day you offer to young people like me, who are working to achieve our objectives and dreams.
If we’ve learned anything, it’s that through persistence and effort we can achieve our biggest goals and great results.
“Trust in God, the good things come to those who believe, better things come to those who are patient, but the best things come to those who don’t give up.”
Thank you Project Schoolhouse, thanks! For all the support thank you, thank you, you are excellent.

God Bless.
Greetings from Nicaragua.

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