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To my dearest donor Laura,  

Warm greetings to you and all your loved ones.  I’m writing this letter to thank you, the immense help you’ve given me in supporting me with a scholarship.   But, at the same time I want to tell you a little about my life and how I’ve struggle to attend school.

When I was in high school it was very difficult to go to school since it was very risky because I had to cross the Tuma river on foot.  In winter, that river grows a lot and I had to swim across while holding onto a rope. I traveled to school every Saturday, walking one hour to get there.  

But even with so many difficulties I completed high school.  Now, to get to the university, it’s 40 minutes on horseback to San Andres and a three-hour bus ride to Rio Blanco.  

I study on Saturdays from 8 AM to 4:15 PM. I leave my house Friday afternoons and return each Sunday. Thank God I’m already in my 3rd year of university because you have offered your economic help to be able to pay the expenses of the trip and to be able to continue moving forward, to make my dreams a reality.  

Thank you so much. I send hugs and kisses to you from the bottom of my heart. I have wanted to meet you. I hope you come to Nicaragua soon so I can see you!

— Jasmina Zelaya S├ínchez 

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