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Water Transforms San José El Paraíso (Part I)

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El Paraíso sits just up the road from Bocana de Tawa, our 2015 project. Representatives from El Paraíso sought out our delegation in 2015 and have quickly mobilized the community. A year and a half later, El Paraíso has united 31 families and completed the necessary paperwork. El Paraíso will receive the next PSH school. Homes will be equipped with latrines. However, …

Partner Spotlight: Books Covered by CoLibrì Systems North America

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What better charter sponsor for Project Schoolhouse than a company committed to extending the life of books? CoLibrì Systems is helping protect one of our Nicaraguan communities’ most precious learning resources. “Our schools are in remote villages with minimal government support. Even a small library is a luxury. Having CoLibrì there to cover our books means that what we’ve started …

Cien Amigos fundraiser

Inaugural Cien Amigos Gathering a Big Success

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To quote the old Billie Holiday tune, “The difficult I’ll do right now. The impossible will take a little while.” Every day our Nicaraguan communities are doing the difficult and chipping away at the impossible. For our part, with the Cien Amigos Society, we are building a sustaining membership of social investors who share this vision of overcoming the impossible. …

Bridge the Gap: A River Crossing Connects Lives

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Sometimes the water that brings us together and cements our schools is the same water that separates our lives and futures. This year Project Schoolhouse tackled a new kind of school access project: a bridge. And so began the journey of 15 families in the community of San Antonio, tucked away in the lush northern hills of Nicaragua’s Matagalpa region. …

Discovering the Definition of Sustainable Development

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How 5 Rice Freshmen Solved Big Problems in Our Communities There’s no doubt that Project Schoolhouse has been increasingly successful at building schools and water systems in the Rio Blanco region of Nicaragua. However, as our projects evolve we are continuously improving our approach and the design of our structures. A recent challenge our schoolhouses were facing were the windows. …

Event Series: Project Schoolhouse Crash Course

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Project Schoolhouse will be holding a series of events highlighting our mission and the work we do. We encourage all those who support our projects to come learn more about Project Schoolhouse and how YOU could help amplify our impact. Over 1200 students have studied in our schools with 500 attending every day. Over 1000 people drink from our water …