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Water Transforms San José El Paraíso (Part I)

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El Paraíso sits just up the road from Bocana de Tawa, our 2015 project. Representatives from El Paraíso sought out our delegation in 2015 and have quickly mobilized the community. A year and a half later, El Paraíso has united 31 families and completed the necessary paperwork. El Paraíso will receive the next PSH school. Homes will be equipped with latrines. However, …

Event Series: Project Schoolhouse Crash Course

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Project Schoolhouse will be holding a series of events highlighting our mission and the work we do. We encourage all those who support our projects to come learn more about Project Schoolhouse and how YOU could help amplify our impact. Over 1200 students have studied in our schools with 500 attending every day. Over 1000 people drink from our water …