Impact Report: 3 Communities Transformed

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Project Schoolhouse is currently working on two community water systems in Nicaragua that will bring water to the homes of over 600 people.  

In Nueva Jerusalem, a community of 25 families, the project is nearing completion and will have water flowing to all the homes by early January 2020.  The second project is in a community called ‘El Aulo’, a community of 55 families, and is on target to be finished by March 2020.

Following completion of the water system, the communities will begin building latrines at each home.   Project Schoolhouse always includes a latrine component in every water project. We are grateful to the Burdine Johnson Foundation, Rotary Club of West Austin and Rotary International for providing the funding for these water projects. 

Previously completed projects in 2019 include a new two-room elementary/secondary school in a community called Manceras Central.   The building will serve as an elementary school during the week and then as a high school on Saturdays. In this way, it will serve over 120 students per wee

Additionally, in coordination with the community of Manceras Uno, Project Schoolhouse completed a school repair project on an elementary school completed back in 2009, which was ready for regular maintenance.   New paint, renovated latrines, and general repairs gave the school a welcome face-lift. Every year, Project Schoolhouse does regular maintenance work on existing schools and water systems to ensure they remain in working order.

2019 has been a landmark year for Project Schoolhouse in collaborating to transform three communities, which is a record for us.   

Tab Barker 
Director of Operations 

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