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Hi, my name is Joseph Kilgallen and I have the honor of being the next field intern for Project Schoolhouse starting in January 2019.  Three years ago I began traveling and my life changed. In 2015, I set off for East Africa and stayed for nearly a year working as a research assistant in rural Uganda. 

 I assisted in the development of relief programs for rural farmers as an intern with Bill Gate’s East Africa Dairy Development Project and ultimately conducted original research examining the correlation between child development and gender inequality.  I continued to travel and study over the next several years. In pursuit of further understanding I began looking at graduate schools, eventually taking me across the US to visit potential mentors. While stopping over in Austin, Texas I stumbled into one of Project Schoolhouse Crash Course presentations and was impressed by their work and philanthropic philosophy of meeting “voiced need.” Listening to the interests of the local people, focusing on longer term goals, and working to ensure that basic needs are met, Project Schoolhouse demonstrated a context/community specific approach that I had rarely seen throughout my travels; I had to get involved!

My task in Nicaragua will be to implement impact measurement methodologies to capture solid data that proves the success of Project Schoolhouse’s projects. I am thrilled for the opportunity to be a part of the team and look forward to providing updates!

Thank you,
Joseph Killgallen

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